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Kultur am Bettrand
Kultur am Bettrand - Shirley Grimes

One of the first things we must learn to go without, should we become ill, bedridden or find ourselves in the recovery phase of illness, are the performing arts. At a time when we need it the most, we no longer have access to the sense of fulfillment and connectedness that the experience of live performed culture, can give us. Be it via a song, a piece of music, prose, poetry, a story funny or sad, culture in all it’s amazing forms is no longer accessible to us.


KULTUR AM BETTRAND aims to bring the experience of culture to the bedside of people who, for health reasons, young or old, momentarily or indefinitely, lack the energy or ability to experience the beauty and healing power of the performing arts outside of their homes or care facilities. 

Kultur am Bettrand – Foto: Tabea Hüberli
The Project

Kultur am Bettrand

Artist  Catalogue

In the pilot phase of this project, a catalogue of artists from in and around the Bern area will be created, the long-term aim being several catalogues nationwide. This list of carefully picked artists will include cultural workers from several different musical disciplines (Folk, Jazz, Pop, Classic) plus a storyteller, author, maybe even a dancer, magician, comedian. The initial aim for this pilot phase is to have ten artists onboard. 

These artists will, upon request, visit clients at home and do what they do best in the most uncomplicated way possible, as acoustically as possible, as long or as short as appropriate. (If necessary, the artists will be initially guided by people who have worked in palliative and convalescence care for decades.)

Artist Catalogue

The client (a member of their family or a friend, picks one of the artists from the artist list on the website and a suitable date for both parties is arranged. Depending on the availability of the artist chosen, a visit can be arranged on very short notice or for some time in the near future. Having previously familiarized themselves with the situation, the artist of choice will arrive on location and share privately or, if requested, with the clients immediate family and/or a small group of friends, what they do best. 

All artists perform solo and as acoustically as possible

Special requests for duo’s or trio’s, can be made.

  • All performances take place during the day. 

  • Special conditions apply for evening performances.

  • The duration of each performance will be between 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the genre or shorter, if required.

  • There is no special treatment or preparation necessary on the part of the client. 

  • The artists are there for the client!!


They neither have to clap, meet the artist at the door, entertain them or feel that they have to react to their performance in any way, unless they can and wish to do so.

Kultur am Bettrand – Foto: Tabea Hüberli
Kultur am Bettrand – Foto: Tabea Hüberli
How it works

How it works...

How much
does it cost the client?

The client (or customer) decides how much they can pay…

The client (or customer) can either pay a part or all of the ensuing costs, depending on their financial means. There will be no means testing. 

Should the client (or customer) be unable to cover all costs, “KULTUR AM BETTRAND” will cover the rest.

Should the clients financial means make it possible for them to exceed the ensuing costs, they are very welcome to do so. The amount by which they exceed the fee will be treated as a donation to the organization and will be (hopefully) tax deductible

How much do the
artists earn?

Each artist will receive Fr.450.- for their performance (daytime price). An additional fee of Fr.50.- per hour is charged for travel time (door to door) plus any travel costs which might ensue. An additional administrative fee of Fr.100.- for each booking applies plus Suisa fee.

A total cost quote will be provided before a binding contract is signed. 



If this project is to reach its full potential it will need long term, large scale funding. Those of you who have had experience in writing applications for funding know how grueling the process can be. It will take time, energy and professional assistance to create a convincing dossier for the relevant foundations, institutions and private sponsors.


And this is where you come in….

Kultur am Bettrand – Foto: Tabea Hüberli

And this is
where you come in

In order to launch the project an estimated minimum of Fr.20’000.- in start-up capital will be needed. I am calling on everyone I know and feel would be interested in this project, to donate a minimum of Fr.200.- towards getting the project to the point where requests for large scale funding can be made. 

There is a chance that this funding will not be granted and the project will never come to fruition. But I have to try…and I definitely can’t do it by myself. If this happens, you will have lost the money you invested. If it doesn’t happen, you have helped get something important off the ground.

Kultur am Bettrand – Foto: Tabea Hüberli

What will your donation
be used for?

Your donation will mainly be used to create a business plan, which doesn’t sound like much but, believe me, is a mammoth task. The presentation of a business plan is a requirement made by most foundations and private doners. 

Your donation will also go towards paying the people who have already invested many hours in the project in the form of concept creation, translations, graphic design etc.


For those of you who are interested, a business plan includes creating….

  • an executive summary – this is an overview of what we wish to create and the service we wish to provide. 

  • the vision and business idea - a short description of who is involved, what we plan to offer, why and to whom, our business goals and key selling points

  • a marketing and sales strategy – this provides details on customers, competitors, trends and tactics (eg pricing, distribution and promotion)

  • a management team and personnel – which includes a list of recruitees who will  work in administration and perform live for clients

  • our operations strategy – this includes  a premises,  management information systems and IT, corporate identity

  • a financial forecast - this section provides details of cash flow forecasts, profit and loss accounts and balance sheets

Personal note

On a personal note

Isolation is a topic that is often swept under the carpet.


The past two years have shown us how important connectedness is, how we long for it and how much we really need it. I believe that the service “KULTUR AM BETTRAND” aims to provide, is a very important one. 

You are reading about the project in its rawest form. There are still a huge number of questions that have yet to be addressed and brainstorming sessions yet to be held. Things will change, some ideas will ripen whilst others will be set aside. The ever increasing administrative load will grow, more hands will be needed on deck. This project is revving it’s engine and can’t wait to put its foot on the gas. 

I am confident the idea “Kultur am Bettrand" will resonate with several well established foundations and that its importance will be recognised. But we have to reach them and present them with the perfect dossier before this project can really get off the ground. 

If I have somehow managed to wake your interest and you feel this project is worthy of support then please forward your donation to the account below. If your cash flow isn’t what it could be, then feel free to give less or forward the link to this landing page to people whom you feel are in a more suitable position to help with start-up financing. Fr.200.- sets a guideline. You are also welcome to give less or more.

The first step has been taken. I am looking forward to the next.

Thank you for your time and interest



Kultur am Bettrand - Shirley Grimes
Kultur am Bettrand – Foto: Tabea Hüberli
Shirley Grimes – Kultur am Bettrand
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